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Our workshop is equipped wth modern sewing and welding technology. We offer repairs for the following products.

  • Kites and bladders
  • Surf sail and smaller CAT and dinghy sails
  • smaller trailer tarpaulins and tents
  • Banners, cushions, bags and much more.

You want to commission a repair? Here you will find all information about the process.

What does the repair cost?
The repair costs are always dependent on the individual case. Please send us meaningful pictures of the damage by e-mail to Based on the pictures, we can in most cases already specify very accurate repair costs. If there was no price agreement via this route, we will contact you before we start the repair.

How does your material come to us?

  • You can submit your material within our opening hours in our workshop.
  • You can send your material by post to the following address:
           bonoborepair, Inh. Gregor Zerle
            Am Müggelpark 17
            15537 Gosen - Neu Zittau

Optionally, you can use our returns service for shipping and request a shipping ticket (actually not available)
"The returns service is only for shipping to us within Germany and costs € 6.50 incl. VAT. The maximum permitted package size is 120 * 60 * 60 cm and the maximum permissible weight is 31.5 kg. Shipments that are franked via the returns service are up to 500, - € insured.A shipping document, which is requested via our returns service, is already made free.The € 6.50 we will charge you along with the repair. "

Here you can order your repair.

As soon as we have reviewed your material and agreed on the repair costs with you, we will send you an order confirmation with the total costs and payment information by e-mail. We ask you to arrange the payment within 10 days. After we receive your payment, we will start the repair and send you back your material. As payment methods we offer bank transfer, PayPal and cash.

Repair time

Depending on the
order situation  and the type or size of the damage, the repair time varies. Please contact us for more information